Xbox Game Pass confirms new Day One games for May and July 2022


Various release date announcements confirm more Xbox Game Pass game releases on day one for May and July 2022.

Microsoft likes to highlight new games coming to its Xbox Game Pass subscription service every two weeks or so, but release date announcements can often give subscribers advance notice of when to expect certain day one releases. Recent announcements have confirmed another Xbox Game Pass Day One game for May 2022, as well as one of the Day One games subscribers can look forward to in July 2022.

It was announced that Soft Knights launches as a day one Xbox Game Pass game on May 24. Soft Knights combines a colorful art style with tactical gameplay. It features turn-based battles and card game mechanics, and it looks like it should appeal to both strategy and deck-building fans alike. Luckily, anyone interested can try out the game through Xbox Game Pass without having to commit to paying the full price.

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Meanwhile, a completely different type of game has been announced as one of the day one games of July 2022. It has been announced that the tennis game Match Point: Tennis Championships will be a day one Xbox Game Pass game when it launches on July 7. There aren’t a ton of tennis games on the market, so fans of the sport have something to look forward to when Match Point: Tennis Championships launching later this summer.

New Xbox Game Pass games for May 2022

  • Loot River – May 3

  • Citizen Sleeper – May 5

  • Trek to Yomi – May 5

  • Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising – May 10

  • Soft Knights – May 24

  • Hardspace Shipbreaker – May 24

  • Sniper Elite 5 – May 26

  • Pac-Man+ Museum – May 27

It will be a few months before Xbox finalizes the new Game Pass games for July 2022, but the May 2022 lineup should become clearer in a few days. Besides the above Soft Knights, seven more games have already been confirmed for Game Pass next month. This includes Loot River May 3, sleeper citizen May 5, Hike to Yomi May 5, Chronicle of Eiyuden: Rising May 10, Hard Space Shipbreakers May 24, Elite Sniper 5 May 26 and Pac-Man+ Museum May 27. The games span a variety of genres, so there should be something for just about every type of gamer in May.

Along with the games that were confirmed for Xbox Game Pass in May 2022, another has been leaked. A Microsoft Store leak suggested that This War of Mine: Final Cut will be coming to Xbox Game Pass on May 10, though it hasn’t been officially announced at the time of this writing.

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