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Offer you useful details on how to bet on WTA tournaments. Discover specific advice and picks from professional bettors and sports analysts in this article.

How to Bet on WTA Tennis: Top Tips (H1)

Tennis is one of the most watched and followed sporting disciplines in the world. It also occupies quite a large place in the sports betting industry. The main advantage of this type of sport is that there are a large number of tournaments that are held almost throughout the year. Therefore, bettors who admire tennis can choose any event they like on any day and bet on it.

The WTA competitions are among the most famous tennis events. The abbreviation stands for Women’s Tennis Association which was founded in 1973 and operates tennis tournaments for women. There are singles, doubles and mixed doubles. It is an analogue of ATP that rules men’s tennis. In this guide, you will find complete instructions on how to bet on the WTA as well as precise advice from experts.

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What is special about the WTA tennis tournament? (H2)

The organization organizes a wide range of tennis competitions for women. Here they are:
• Grand Slam Series
• WTA Finals
• WTA1000
• WTA Elite Trophy
• WTA 500
• WTA 250
• WTA 125

Based on all these tournaments, a special ranking of tennis players is created. It is influenced by indicators such as games won in the season and level of tournaments. Points are counted as players earn throughout the season. There are also mandatory tournaments for all tennis players. If the competition has been chosen by the athlete to participate in, then she is obliged to enter the field.

The ranking not only determines the holder of the honorary title of the first racket in the world but also indicates the list of participants in the final competition which usually takes place in November. Here are top tennis players who are usually associated with the WTA tours: Serena Williams (52 titles), Steffi Graf (32 titles), Martina Hingis (24 titles), Simona Halep (10 titles), Iga Swiatek (7 titles) , Naomi Osaka (6 titles),

WTA betting is great because thrills happen quite often, which makes the competitions even more exciting to watch and bet on. For example, young and talented tennis players often beat experienced and more skilled rivals. Another important point is the relatively large number (compared to the ATP Tour) of interruptions in women’s tennis matches. Therefore, WTA odds can be very high, giving tennis bettors a chance to win big.

Best betting markets and odds for WTA (H2)

There are many betting opportunities for WTA competitions that bookmakers offer punters. Below are the most important betting markets:
• Results. In tennis betting, there can only be two outcomes. Player 1 or Player 2 wins. There is no draw possible here, which makes it easier for punters to bet on this sport.
• Disability. This is a type of punt in which bettors must predict who will win a specific match given a certain handicap. A negative value is usually given to favorites and a positive value to outsiders in order to even their chances and increase their chances. For example, if you bet on the match between Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer and there is a handicap of -2.5 on the first athlete, it means that he must win with a score of 3:0. If he loses at least one match, the tennis bet will be lost.
• Totals. This is a type of bet that is settled on the total number of games or sets played. In addition, bookmakers offer the possibility of making over/under bets in total and predicting whether the number will be higher or lower than the value established by the betting platform.
• Absolute winner. With this kind of punt, bettors must predict which athlete will become the tournament champion.
• Bets on accessories. These are punts that are placed on whether or not certain events will occur during the game. For example, bettors can predict whether a specific player will score first or not.
• Correct score. In this type of bet, bettors must guess with what exact final score the match or a particular set will end.
• Statistics. Stats bets include predictions on number of double errors, total number of aces, percentage of hits on the first serve, etc.

When it comes to tennis odds for WTA matches, they may differ depending on the betting site you choose. In addition, if you bet in the direct mode, the betting odds are constantly changing. So you can grab a bargain.

Main points to consider when betting on WTA (H2)

If you want to successfully bet on WTA tennis, here are some betting tips for you:
• You must consider the player’s place in the rankings and current form. Tennis is an individual sport, so the specific performance of an athlete plays a huge role in betting. Study the current standings, the record of wins and losses by season and for the last month as well as the results of recent matches.
• Analyze previous one-on-one meetings. Every athlete has their uncomfortable opponents. It is the factor of personal confrontations which is often one of the decisive factors in the prognosis of individual sports.
• Pay attention to the terrain. Every tennis player has her favorite surface (hard, grass, clay). Many aren’t ready to brag about equally even play on all of them. And it is far from a fact that an athlete who looked good at the start of the season will show the same stable results after moving to another surface.
• Study statistical data. It will be a great help for your future bets to analyze the first serve percentage, the number of double faults, etc.
• Examine the style of the player. Some athletes attack most of the time while others prefer a defensive style. So, you should take this into account when making your future predictions.
• Choose a good betting platform. The choice of bookmaker is really important because the selection of tennis events and types of punts will depend on it. In addition, reputable bookmakers usually give bettors great promotions and rewards such as free bets, for example. They give bettors a chance to punt without spending their own funds.
• Do not bet on favorites. You should not let your emotions control you. Make your predictions wisely based on a thorough analysis of different criteria. Even skillful favorites can lose the game because they’re not feeling well or just had a bad day.

Conclusion (H2)

In summary, if you are looking for more tennis betting options, WTA events are exactly what you need. There are many tournaments organized by this organization that take place during the year. Additionally, there are several types of punts to choose from. The only thing you need to remember to get a good profit out of it is to do a proper analysis and take various factors into consideration.

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