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American football is considered the most aggressive of all time, where two teams play against each other, one having the ball forward and attacking the goal and the other teams trying to defend the goal. The ball shape is a bit oval compared to regular balls. So what will be the reason not to let American football play in the Olympics. Take a look at statistics and information on American football leagues and championships.

The largest league in American football is the National Football League (NFL) and the National Collegiate Athletic Association is the popular football league in the United States. American football has more than 410 million popularity worldwide and is also played in other countries like the United States, mainly France, England, New Zealand and South Africa.

Why is American football not at the Olympics?

So here American football is loved by more than 410 million fans worldwide, but why isn’t it played in the Olympics. American football also has many nations that can enter the league with the strongest teams. So, the main reason why American football is not played in the Olympics is that the game is not compatible so far to run in a competitive level league. At least 7 days of rest were necessary for the same team to recover and play the next game with all its potential.

The second main reason is the high risk of injury and the dominance of a particular nation in the Olympics. As the United States is the strongest team in the American football national leagues, it will totally show the dominance of a country. The aggressive nature of the game can affect the player and high levels of injury will be encountered by professional American footballers. Stay updated on the page to get live updates on the American football player. So that’s the main reason for not entertaining American football at the Olympics.

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