We have another Olympic lookalike – This time it’s Liam Hemsworth – NBC New York


Does this guy compete in the Olympics or the Hunger Games – because just looking at him could go either way.

The man on the left is Olympic tennis player Karen Khachanov, who won the silver medal in the men’s singles competition, losing in the gold medal match against Germany’s Alexander Zverev.

While that’s quite a feat, most internet users only seem to be focused on the fact that he looks like the man on the right. It’s Liam Hemsworth, the actor best known for his role in the “Hunger Games” franchise (others may know him best as Miley Cyrus’ ex-husband or Chris Hemsworth’s younger brother).

The uncanny resemblance led some on social media to jokingly ask if Khachanov was competing for Australia (Hemsworth’s homeland) rather than the Russian Olympic Committee.

In terms of doppelgängers, this one is very close, with one of the only noticeable differences between the two being eye color. Beyond that, it really does seem like Khachanov could be a long-lost fourth Hemsworth sibling. If he can play a bit, he might want to reach out to Liam to see if he needs a stuntman or a backup for upcoming projects.

It’s not the first time at these Olympics that there’s been a famous lookalike. Many Lady Gaga fans noted last week how Jordanian taekwondo competitor Julyana Al-Sadeq also looks like the superstar!

Monday, the fan account Gaga Daily wondered“Why is Lady Gaga at the Olympics”, while another account decided, “Lady Gaga is truly the queen of versatility as she recently joined the Tokyo 2021 Olympics.” And another person rated Gaga’s latest album titlewriting, “Lady Gaga representing Chromatica at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics! ‘Battle for the medal, Babylon!'”

Neither Gaga nor Hemsworth have commented on their athletic lookalikes.

And even though Al-Sadeq didn’t win any medals from the Tokyo Games, she and Khachanov receive a kind of consolation prize: knowing that many people said they looked like two very handsome Hollywood stars.

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