The Shrewsbury Club will host the Shrewsbury Wheelchair Tennis Tournament this weekend


The popular Shrewsbury Wheelchair Tennis Tournament, part of the LTA National Wheelchair Series, takes place at the Shrewsbury Club this weekend.

John Lambert, left, and Scott Smith, organizer of this weekend’s tournament, playing doubles at a previous event. They both took part in the Shrewsbury Wheelchair Tennis Tournament this weekend

A packed schedule of matches will be played on the indoor courts at the Sundorne Road venue on Saturday and Sunday.

Tournaments are held throughout the year in England, Scotland and Wales as part of the series.

Scott Smith, organizer of this weekend’s tournament, from Shropshire Wheelchair Tennis Group, said: “There have already been events played in Loughborough, Wrexham and Newport, so now we are looking forward to hosting our Shrewsbury.

“There are 25 players taking part with some of them traveling long distances to be at Shrewsbury.

“We are happy to have a bigger draw for novices this time around. We usually only get four or five players, but there are eight in the novice draw this weekend, including three new players.

“It’s great to see that there are new people coming to play.”

Scott, one of several Shropshire Wheelchair Tennis Group players playing this weekend, added: “It’s always a great event and the excellent facilities at Shrewsbury Club mean it’s one of the best tournaments held. every year.”

Dave Courteen, Managing Director of the Shrewsbury Club, said: “It’s always a popular event at the club and we look forward to hosting the tournament.

“We get great feedback from those who take part on how they enjoy their stay at Shrewsbury. I hope everyone involved has a fantastic weekend.

Matches will start at 11:30 a.m. on Saturday and 10 a.m. on Sunday.

The Shrewsbury club will also host the LTA Wheelchair Tennis National Finals later in the year, December 1-4.

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