The Madrid Premier Padel aspires to be “the best tournament in history”



‘Madrid Premier Padel’ will celebrate its first edition between August 1 and 6 at the WiZink Center, where “the best tournament in the history of padel to date will be played”, as announced in its presentation by the President of the International Federation of Padel (FIP), Luigi Carraro.

The tournament, which will be part of the new Premier Padel circuit, will be the fourth test after those organized in Doha, Rome and the one organized this week in Paris, and the president of the COE, Alejandro Blanco and the president of the FIP, Luigi Carraro, between others.

The President of Madrid Premier Padel, Joan Cuscó, and the representative of Premier Padel Zian Hage Hammoud, accompanied the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sports of the Community of Madrid, Marta Rivera de la Cruz, and the Deputy Minister of Sports, Alberto Tomé.

The president of the FIP, who supports this new circuit, described the event as “the best tournament in the history of padel to date”, since he considers Madrid as “the world capital of padel”.

“It is a very important step. We have always said that we want to internationalize padel, but we will never forget what Spain is, who is the founder of the FIP, the one who brings together the most players. Madrid is the first of several important tournaments. Besides, the players are very happy to be able to come here. Many of them live in Madrid and it will be special for them,” said Luigi Carraro.


The Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sports of the Community of Madrid, Marta Rivera de la Cruz, wanted this edition “to be the first of a long series”. “I think a fabulous show is going to be put on and will show that Madrid is ready to host major international sporting events. It’s going to be a show for the people of Madrid and for those who come,” she said.

Rivera quantified the importance of attracting “those big events” because they “always increase licensing” and encourage grassroots participation in these sports. The adviser insisted on Madrid as “the great capital of paddle tennis”, specifying that there are 115 clubs, almost 8,000 federated players and 34% of women and that paddle tennis is a “very Madrid” sport , which is very popular and which after this tournament “will be even more loved”.

“I think competing with Foro Italico or Roland Garros is difficult, but we have an advantage, these facilities are in the center of the city. In Madrid, all the players will play at home,” commented Rivera, who put the emphasis on the importance of an installation as complete as the WiZink Center.


COE President Alejandro Blanco stressed that paddle tennis “is a sport that has its origins in Spain, especially its development” where it has “more than 6 million followers” and fulfills all the conditions to be in all countries and with many federations.

If this growth continues, he does not rule out that he could even join the Olympics because he has “an extraordinary future around the world”. “I think the Olympic movement is at a point where it has opened up to new sports, they can open the door to sports like paddle tennis,” he added.

In addition, for Alejandro Blanco, if paddle became Olympic, it would not be because “it is a sport that does it extraordinarily well” and which could become a fixed part “in the Olympic movement“.


Among the participants are the best in the world of the discipline, including the Spanish couple formed by Juan Lebrón and Ale Galán, who also participated in the presentation. Both were the winners of the first tournament of this new professional circuit which rivals the World Padel Tour (WPT).

The Andalusian Juan Lebrón wanted to thank “all those who made this tournament possible” because “Madrid is the capital of paddle tennis”. “I’m impressed how many people want to download this sport. Me and Ale (Galán) are delighted that he is in his city and it will be good if Ale can walk from his house,” he said.

Lebrón reckons playing in Madrid will be ‘special’ as his partner will be local and he has been living ‘more than ten years’ in the Spanish capital. “For me, Madrid, in addition to the capital of paddle tennis, is the favorite city I have in the world and it will be a very special tournament for us. We are going to win all the tournaments but it will be something very exciting,” he said.

For his part, Ale Galán admits having “marked the date” and even almost having it “engraved on his skin”. “I’m very excited to play this Premier at WiZink, although it’s a P1 for me, it will be one of the most important tournaments we have this year. Every test has exceeded the expectations we had and the inconvenience rests with the next organizer who must overcome what the previous one did,” he explained.

The Madridista will arrive ‘one hundred percent motivated’ and although he acknowledges they will feel ‘the support of having the public and playing at home’, he and his partner need to be ‘always focused on what’s going on. goes on the field”. to research”.

“Here we have the opportunity to see the sport taking on a new dimension. I really want to go to WiZink, to see the surprises that can be prepared and I’m going there with a lot of enthusiasm, a lot of energy and a lot of desire,” Galán concluded.

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