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I don’t know about you, but every year when the Australian Open is going on, I suddenly want to play tennis. However, since I have never set foot on a tennis court in my life, it is difficult to know where to start and what beginner tennis equipment to buy.

The equipment required for tennis seems pretty basic – a racket and a ball. However, it is important that you get the right style and suit both. When it comes to racquets, the more you get better at tennis, the more technical and advanced your racquet should be. But generally speaking, for a beginner, a light racket with a larger head size is preferable. This will make returning serve easier and a bit more forgiving if you are not a future Federer.

When it comes to balls, there are actually different balls for different skill levels – professional, championship and practice balls. Each ball does what is written on the cover, professional balls are used in professional tennis games, they are of high quality, do not fray easily, and are generally the most expensive. Championship balls are the next step in pressure, quality and price. And practice balls are just that, practice balls – or in this case, beginner balls.

Other things you should consider investing in if you want to start tennis are a good pair of sunglasses or a visor / hat, grips, shock absorbers, a tennis bag / racket cover and a lightweight cotton tennis outfit.

Below we’ve rounded up some beginner tennis gear so you can make a success of your future Grand Slam career… or you know, a game of recreational tennis this weekend.

The best tennis equipment for beginners

Best tennis rackets for beginners:

Wilson Adult Recreational Tennis Racket, $ 33.40 – $ 161.42

HEAD Ti. Award tennis racket, $ 55.63

Wilson Roger Federer 26 tennis racket, $ 39.95

Oppum carbon fiber adult tennis racket, $ 59.55

Best tennis balls for beginners:

HEAD Radical tennis balls, triple pack (12 balls), $ 23.79

Can of 4 balls Slazenger Advantage Grasscourt, $ 11.99

Set of 4 Wilson Prime All Court tennis balls (12 balls), $ 35.90

Dunlop Tour Brilliance tennis balls, $ 23.32

The best tennis bags / covers:

Wilson Universal Tennis Racket Cover, $ 14.99

Athletico 3 racket tennis bag, $ 53.85

Wilson Match III tennis bag, $ 49.95

Protective cover for HEAD tennis rackets, $ 25.12

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