Tennis League VR For Quest could help you improve your game



To like. Adjust. VR.

VR Tennis League is an incredibly cool tennis experience that you can use to improve everything from your forehand and backhand to your overall form. Developped by another reality with their financial partner Health Improvement Solutionsa free early access demo of the game is available now at Meta Quest helmets.

The game offers multiple modes for tennis fanatics of all skill levels.

  • Practice Mode: Learn basic skills and practice with timed drills and targeted areas of the court.
  • Custom Mode: Practice using the bullet cannon at different speeds or challenge the CPU in an exhibition.
  • Multiplayer Mode: Play a rally with a friend online.

As you improve your tennis skills, you will be able to organize your own online tournaments and participate in one-on-one matches with players from all over the world. You can train other less experienced players online!

If you’re the crowd-loving type, you can invite up to 8 of your friends to sit in the stands during your matches. Just be ready to dazzle your friends with your skills!

In addition to realistic gameplay, VR Tennis League also encompasses the different types of real-world tennis courts on which the game is played. Grass, clay, hard courts and even carpet courts are all represented in the game. Just be aware that the ball moves differently depending on the court you are playing on.

another reality VR Tennis League was designed by true tennis professionals and sports care for casual fans and budding athletes.

Health Improvement Solutions (HIP) was created with the goal of improving the lives of people, especially young people, by providing them with the tools to encourage an active lifestyle.

You can download the free demo of VR Tennis League today. Expect a whole lot more when AnotherReality releases the full game later this fall.

Image Credit: AnotherReality

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