State Tournament Day One Hi-Liners Tennis Recap


VALLEY CITY, ND ( — The women’s tag team tennis tournament went down in full Thursday in Grand Forks. The Hi-Liners entered the state tournament as the No. 3 team in the East. Our list, in order:

#1 Breck Sufficool, second year

#2 Olivia Ingstad, junior

#3 Abby Martineck, second year

#4 Kailee Nielson, 8e grader

#5 Abby Redfearn, second year

#6 Georgia Zaun, 8e grader

#7 Alyssa Thomsen, second year

#8 Sophomore Ella Olson

VC Team Status Results – VC always listed first


Valley town 1

Bismarck Heritage 4

S1: Nielson lost to McPherson 6-0.6-1

S2: Redfearn loses to Meier 6-2.6-0

S3: Zaun loses to Seversen 6-2,6-4

D1: Sufficool/Ingstad beat Krom/Kraft 7-6(5),6-3

D2: Martineck/Thomsen lose to Sorensen/Sand 2-6.7-5.6-4

Consolation semi-finals:

Valley town 3

Bismarck Century 2

S1: Ingstad loses to Kubsad 6-3,6-4

S2: Martineck loses to Lee 6-3,6-3

S3: Zaun beats Dunlop 6-3.4-6.6-2

D1: Sufficool/Redfearn beat Upgren/Kindem 6-2.6-0

D2: Nielson/Thomsen beat Miller/Bassingthwaite 6-2.2-6.6-1

Consolation Championship (5e classification game):

Valley town 3

Fargo North 2

S1: Ingstad loses to Spanjer 6-1.6-1

S2: Martineck beats Pladson 4-6.6-4.6-3

S3: Zaun defeats Taragos 6-1,4-6,6-1

D1: Sufficool/Redfearn beat Latunski/Hardie 6-2,6-2

D2: Nielson/Thomsen lose to Erickson/Puhl 7-5.6-0

Coach Matt Nielson’s thoughts. Quarterfinals: “We put together the right roster against Legacy, but they’re a great team and they got executed. The loss dropped us into the consolation bracket. Breck and Olivia had a good win and Abby M. and Alyssa played a really good doubles match.

Consolation semi-finals: “We went with our state qualifier lineup from last Thursday against GFC. According to the reconnaissance report, we were the deepest team. The line-up should fight anything Century throws at us. They decided to put their #1 and #2 in singles. Olivia and Abby M played very well in those losses. Georgia was frustrated with our sustained 30 mph winds. She regrouped and played 100% and came back to win in 3 sets. Kailee and Alyssa won the first set and had a second disappointment. They mentally reset in the 10-minute break before the 3rd set and came out with a 6-1 winning revenge. Breck and Abby R played a full match physically and mentally to a victory that sent us to 5e place the match.

5e Place Match: “We thought we could roll with our same roster again knowing we would be an underdog at #1 in singles, but slightly favored in the other four games. Breck and Abby played another top game for our first win. Olivia lost to a double EDC champion in Spanjer. Kailee and Alyssa were unable to gain ground or find their rhythm causing us to lose 1-2 in a 3-man race. Georgia won their first set but lost their second while Abby M. lost his first set but won his second. We had to win both 3rd sets to take 5e square. Georgia came out on fire and dominated this set to tie us at 2-2. Abby M. persevered and overcame the ups and downs. She knew the match was all about her and she performed.

The next action is today for the individual tournament. #7E Kailee pulls #2W Felderman from Mandan while #7E Sufficool/Ingstad has #2W from Century. Both are scheduled outside at 10 a.m. at Choice Health and Fitness in Grand Forks.

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