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SHELDON—Athletes from the Sheldon area did well at the Iowa Special Olympics Summer Games May 19-21 in Ames.

Athletes from the Sheldon Orabs, Sheldon Village Northwest Unlimited Panthers and Tidal Waves from O’Brien, Lyon and Osceola counties all participated.

The Summer Games feature athletics, pétanque, cycling, developmental events, soccer, swimming and tennis.

In the 100 meters, Ellen Van Maaren and Brayden Vollink of Sheldon Orabs won their division. VNU’s Dan DeBoer finished second in his division and John List third in the division.

VNU’s David Wallin won his division in the 100 meter walk.

Derek Van Regenmorter of the Sheldon Orabs finished first in his 400 meter division.

DeBoer and List teamed with Travis Klein and Scott Wheeler to finish in second place in the 400-meter relay.

In the 50 meters, Lydia Dacken of Sheldon, who competes for the Tidal Waves, finished first in her division and Ashley Gembler and Brad Friedland of VNU won their divisions. VNU’s Jessica Webb finished second in her division and Cody Celus, Skyler Kokenge and Keith Krumm, all of VNU, finished third in their divisions.

VNU’s Jeff Karlson and Lance Weber won their divisions in the 50-meter walk and Kokenge finished third in his division.

VNU’s Allison Ernst and Krumm were each first in their mini javelin divisions. VNU’s Ethan Peterson finished second in his division and Friedland third in his division.

VNU’s Shawn Todd won his long jump division and Wheeler finished second in his division.

Carter Koerselman, who hails from Ashton and competes for the Tidal Waves, finished second in his shooting division and Karlson finished third in his division.

VNU’s Austin Buurman and Matt Stoll competed in the same softball pitching division with Buurman winning the event and Stoll second. Kokenge finished third in his division.

Klein finished first in her standing long jump division. VNU’s Justin Groen, DeBoer and List all finished second in their divisions and Webb finished third in the long jump in his division.

In the tennis ball throw, VNU’s Justin Rieks won his division and Vollink finished third in his division.

Koerselman finished third in her division in the 200 meters.

Dacken and Koerselman won their unified 400-meter relay division as a team with teammates Toby Scott Prins and Abby Prins.

In bocce, Ernst, DeBoer, Wheeler and Klein finished first in their division.

In cycling, Dacken took second in his division in the 1K with his unified partner Abby Jo Prins and Koerselman finished second in his division with Toby Prins as his partner.

In football, Friedland, Groen and Webb each won their division and Kokenge, Buurman, Krumm and Chad Wassenaar each finished third in their division.

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