Serena Williams plays her last match in Diamond-Studded Kicks


The target : The legendary Serena Williams played her last tennis match before retiring at the 2022 US Open. Her outfit for the occasion was stunning: a riot of sparkle against a clean black background. Let’s take a closer look.

Jewelry : First of all, Ms Williams’ sleek black tennis dress, which shimmers like the night sky as she crosses the court, isn’t covered in real diamonds. The garment, inspired by figure skating costumes and custom-made by Nike for the occasion, features a 6-layer tutu and a glittering crystal galaxy, as well as a detachable black and gold glitter train.

The tennis megastar also wore a crystal-embellished Nike headband and an array of shimmering crystals stamped into her hair. She also wears real jewellery: her ears are adorned with diamond studs that say “Mom” and another pair of studs that say “beloved”. She also wears a gold heart-shaped pendant on her neck.

Now the shoes: According to People Magazine, this custom pair of NikeCourt Flare 2 sneakers are embellished with real diamonds and finished with a pair of gold and black ceramic lace locks from Williams’ own jewelry line that spell “MAMA” and “QUEENS”. in diamonds (1.5 TCW each). The diamonds on the sneakers form celestial style swirls and the Nike swoosh logo. In total, the shoe is adorned with 400 hand-set diamonds.

The details: Williams’ shoelace ornaments and other jewelry are produced by the tennis star‘s jewelry line, Serena Williams Jewelry, and are available for purchase online at Shoe studs are listed at $3,590 for the pair, while Williams’ gold and diamond heart pendant sells for $399, her “Mama” diamond studs are $299 and her “loved” diamond studs are listed at $399.

What do we think? I’m not one to follow sports, but I have the utmost respect for Serena Williams. It’s a magnificent, record-breaking powerhouse, breaking through the barriers of racism and sexism to achieve magnificent things. To end a career like hers by showing up literally covered in diamonds is a glamorous and deeply badass power move and I couldn’t love it more than I do.

If any athlete has ever deserved to wear a bespoke, multi-piece sparkly outfit with diamond-encrusted shoes for her final game before retirement, it’s Serena Williams.

Judgement: 1000/10 for the most deserved diamond sneakers ever.


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