Senior pickleball players teach the game to beginners



Two Creekside Racquet Club pickleball players impressed coach Russell Ellefterion.

Doris and Bill Abramson, 78 and 86 respectively, have been playing pickleball for less than five years but have already started teaching beginners at the club.

Doris said she and Bill were introduced to the sport by their friends in Florida.

“It’s the first sport I’ve ever been able to participate in where I can play well enough that someone else wants to play with me,” Doris said. “I was always a klutz, the last to be picked for any team at school.”

Elefterion has been the Creekside Racquet Club pro for four and a half years and said the Abramsons are a major asset to the club.

The club has eight indoor courts and over 100 members. Beginners are taught for free every Tuesday and Thursday morning and can play the club for free five days a week for a month.

“They don’t just play, but they teach now,” Elefterion said of the Abramsons. “Bill and Doris are there in the mornings, helping them and teaching them the rules.”

Pickleball is a sport that’s a cross between tennis, badminton and ping-pong, according to Doris. It is played on a smaller court than tennis with a smaller racquet and a wiffle ball.

“So you don’t hurt yourself if you get hit,” Doris said.

Doris said she enjoys teaching because it’s important for everyone to know that all players started where they are now.

“I like to play with the newbies because I like being together,” Doris said. “It’s a less intense game, and I try to be encouraging. I make sure that every time we play they remember it’s a game and they’re supposed to have fun and that every player they see, no matter how advanced they are, they all started as rookies like them, so they shouldn’t feel at a disadvantage.”

Although she said she might not be the best at the sport, she still has fun.

“I’m not Serena Williams, don’t get me wrong,” Doris said. “But I can play well enough to have fun.”

Elefterion said the couple are a joy to have around.

“They’re just lovely, happy people,” Elefterion said. “They love to have fun and they live life to the fullest.”

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