Nintendo Switch Online may add Game Boy and Nintendo 64 connectivity features



The rumored addition of Game Boy game support for Nintendo Switch Online could include Transfer Pak connectivity with the Nintendo 64.

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The recent discovery of Game Boy emulation software for the Nintendo Switch has sparked rumors that Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles will be added to the Nintendo Switch Online subscription in the future. The talk surrounding the reveal has sparked old Nintendo Switch Online rumors that now prove to be relevant. The rumors had to do with Game Boy and Nintendo 64 interactivity, emulating what was once known as the Transfer Pak, and it now seems increasingly accurate.

Initial rumors of Nintendo adding Game Boy and Nintendo 64 game interactivity stem from frequent Nintendo leaker Emily Rogers in late 2021. Rogers was discussing Nintendo 64 games being added by the Nintendo Switch service Online, claiming it would have a “much stronger library” than the Wii and Wii U’s Virtual Console. She also mentioned hearing “tiny whispers” of Pokemon Stadium added support and that it could be related to the addition of Game Boy support, a feature she says Nintendo has been working on since 2020.

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While Rogers suspected Game Boy and Nintendo 64 connectivity might be a possible feature down the line, it didn’t claim to have a source confirming the addition. However, VideoGameChronicle has now been able to track this possibility. The outlet says it spoke to Nintendo Switch Online Nintendo 64 app dataminer LuigiBlood, who confirmed that there is now a code referencing the Transfer Pak in the app.

Unfortunately, the Transfer Pak code is limited. There is only the option to activate and deactivate the Transfer Pak, and no other codes referring to the individual game medium. In other words, while the feature appears to be in the works, there’s no indication that it’s ready or that Nintendo has any immediate plans to release games using the Transfer Pak feature.

At this point, there are a lot of rumors built on rumors to consider. Nintendo has yet to officially announce support for the Game Boy on Nintendo Switch Online or its Expansion Pass. It is therefore difficult to determine whether it is realistic for the Transfer Pak to be supported in the future. At the very least, there seems to be some evidence that it’s a possibility.

The Transfer Pak for the Nintendo 64 has worked with over a dozen Game Boy and Game Boy Color games after its release in 1998. These games include Pokemon Stadium and Pokemon Stage 2which allowed players to battle their Game Boy Pokemon on Nintendo 64. It also supported games such as Mario Golf and Mario Tennisboth currently available in Nintendo Switch Online Expansion pass. It’s going to be very interesting to see what Nintendo announces during its next Nintendo Direct.

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