Nick Kyrgios has shown again why he is indispensable for the Game


Nick Kyrgios and Thanasi Kokkinakis faced off in the first round of the US Open 2022. In the All-Australian challenge, the field finally proved the talented Canberra player right in a game that Kokkinakis actually didn’t experience as well as he might have imagined.

Atmosphere made atypical by the playful atmosphere that always reigns between two friends, even on the eve of a Grand Slam match and it was Kokkinakis himself who cited an episode that took place a few minutes before entering on the court.

Kokkinakis said post-match: “It’s never easy to play against such a person, it was a tough game. Now we have twice as much to do so we’re fine, we joked in locker room. Nick actually sent me five memes.

minutes before the game, so it’s hard to get excited when you step onto the pitch. We compete, of course, but it’s hard to have that inner fire. I couldn’t have my usual intensity, it was like a practice match.

It was frustrating, I know I can play better. “Nick is a pivotal player in this era of tennis. For better or for worse, what he does on the court amuses the crowd a lot. Always for better or for worse, he is able to speak to new generations of tennis players.

And let’s forget the paternalisms about his behavior on and off the court: let’s just enjoy the show he is able to offer. The Game is a sport for gentlemen and ladies, as it always has been, but there aren’t too many of them anymore, with what we’ve seen this year, all the preposterous and absurd situations.

Kyrgios is a centergood for ATP.

“I’m exhausted, people don’t understand”

As for Nick Kyrgios, he did not send them to the media microphones at the end of the match against Kokkinakis. Despite the victory, Nick took the opportunity to show how much the rhythm imposed by the circuit weighs on his psychophysical state: “It was one of the most uncomfortable matches I have played in my career.

We both had a game plan, we know each other very well, from the start we tried to block and play with the ball. I played very well in the first two sets from the baseline, I tried to move him as much as possible.

I’m exhausted, 99% of people don’t understand what it’s like to be on tour for so long, even though I don’t travel as much as the rest of Australians. People don’t understand what I’m going through so I’m proud of my performance,” said Kyrgios, who after the US Open doesn’t feel like playing more tournaments but rather returning to Australia to regain motivation and energy. .

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