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FISHERMEN, Ind., April 9, 2021 / PRNewswire / – CounterStrike table tennis is a United States owned and operated table tennis equipment company founded in 2019 and currently located in Fishermen, Indiana. Recently, CounterStrike has gained the attention of professionals and amateurs alike for its affordable table tennis equipment. CounterStrike has just released five new table tennis rackets, three new table tennis rubbers, five new table tennis blades and additional table tennis accessories. All CounterStrike products are endorsed by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) and ensure that all of their equipment is tournament legal.

CounterStrike aims to deliver tournament-level gear without the huge markup. The Founder and CEO said, “I’ve been involved in table tennis for over a decade now, and what always bothered me is how expensive pro-level equipment can be, in particular. especially for amateur players. This creates a barrier to entry for many people who want to increase their skills, but do not have $ 200 to spend on a table tennis blade. He continued, “Our mission is to bridge this gap and sell quality tournament table tennis equipment at a reasonable price for non-professional players. We believe this will benefit our customers while promoting the overall game of table tennis. “

The goal of CounterStrike is to have a professional level product for every player, even beginners. Beginners and players learning the basics of table tennis will love the Karma + Autopilot Paddle. This paddle was designed for beginners who want to gain confidence and consistency in their strokes and feel the game. CounterStrike also offers products for intermediate players. the Alpha Dog + Spin Mystic Paddle is an asset for players who have a good grasp of the fundamentals of the game and want a versatile paddle while generating a large amount of spin. And, of course, CounterStrike takes pride in its paddles specially designed for the needs of advanced players and professionals. the Ghost Light + Spin Mystic Paddle is their most popular carbon paddle and was designed for offensive players who rely on increased amounts of spin and speed.

CounterStrike Table Tennis takes a different approach than many of its competitors when testing and reviewing their products. They understand that no product can do it all. For each product, their website tells their customers where it is most proficient as well as which styles of play the product was not designed for. They want to give the customer as much information as possible so that they can make the most informed decision possible. As stated on their website, “They don’t want to send you something that doesn’t match your game or your style of play.”

CounterStrike takes its testing process very seriously. Each product is reviewed by their test team for at least 10 weeks. They are studied both in game scenarios and tested relentlessly with a table tennis robot to ensure consistent results.

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