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Over the past two years, my calf muscles have been strained too much. I stretch them out and even bought some compression calf socks but it still hurts so much that I have to take a few days or weeks off. No thanks.

One of the biggest selling points of jump rope for me was injury prevention. Jumping strengthens the muscles in your ankles and feet and increases the flexibility and suppleness of the calf muscles. Skipping meant fewer days off to work out and add something fun to my routine. Yes and yes.

More for less

Ten minutes of energy-intensive jumping is equivalent to about 30 minutes of jogging. Less time gets more, sounds like my kind of contract. I can’t hit the 10 minute mark yet, but I’m going to keep going, it’s good to have some goals to hit again. Every time I jump instead of running, I work my muscles differently and strengthen them, which helps me improve my runs.

jump rope review


And in case you’re wondering if I feel like a kid again, I do. I might not sing old-fashioned skipping rope rhymes anymore, but when electronic dance music blows up, so do I.

Tired of injuring calf muscles and sitting on the sidelines

I work more for my mental health than for my physical health. It puts me in a good mood and gets me ready for the day. So, it affects me negatively when I can’t exercise for long periods of time.

Skipping rope (and yoga) has decreased the number of times I have to stand because of an injury. As I continue to jump and stretch, I will resume a healthy running routine. It might be less aggressive, but I won’t need to take any more time off. In addition, the jump rope offers an effect of its own. My heart is still beating, I am still sweating and having a lot of fun.

Weight ? Uh, no thanks

I’ve tried loving weights so much over the years, it’s never going to happen. Never. I love cardio. But I also tend to listen to what other people have to say. And so many people say weight is more critical – blah, blah, blah. I have often stopped exercising because of this.

The great thing about Crossrope skipping ropes is that they are weighted. I know it’s not the same as doing bicep curls, tricep dips, and vertical rows, but ask me if I’m interested. I work my upper body at the same time as I sweat. Paradise!

jump rope review


Not just for runners

I’ve talked a lot about running, but you don’t have to be a runner to jump rope. I just wanted to clear this up.

You can jump during high intensity interval training (HIIT) or circuit training between strengthening sets. Or if you row, walk, dance, do yoga, play tennis, ride a bike, swim laps, or do nothing at all and just want to give it a try, jumping may be for you. Don’t knock until you’ve tried, as they say.

Why choose Crossrope skipping ropes

Unlike regular jump ropes, Crossrope weighted jump ropes give you an upper body exercise alongside an incredible cardio workout. He was the biggest seller for me. The rope does not get tangled, which makes it easier for beginners to learn. And the outer coating will make beginner toes happy if you end up walking the rope, which doesn’t happen very often or at all. The handles also provide excellent grip. Even though they are more expensive than most other jump ropes, I totally recommend them.

Get the Crossrope Get Lean Jump Rope Set on Amazon for $ 99.

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