Match result: Elena Rybakina vs. AjlaTomljanović: Rybakina won the match


In Wimbledon tradition, we’ve seen inspirational performances repeated, and some of them are etched in history, that’s how it is. The Grand Slam brings us the best of athletes achieving their best performances. The star-studded nature of Wimbledon makes it a treat for even the most casual tennis fan. And to advance her Wimbledon campaign, Elena Rybakina beat AjlaTomljanović 4-6, 6-2, 6-3 in a strong comeback effort. Elena unleashed her solid service game to qualify and will definitely enter the semis with a lot of confidence. How will she survive Halep?

Ajla tests another opponent

Elena was surprised by Tomljanovic’s improved game early on and showed signs of breaking down, but then she was able to use her immense confidence and service game to back up another electric effort. Ajla first benefited from Rybakina’s lost focus and he’s not someone who can be taken lightly, especially after beating athletes like Cornet, Krejcikova and Teichmann. Rybakina continues to make a name for herself.

Rybakina stutters then flies away

In the first start, Ajla was creative, used lobs well and also made it difficult in terms of angles. Ajla’s shrewd play is the antithesis of the brutal approach taken by Rybakina who didn’t put as much speed into her shots in the early stages of the game. ‘As as Ajla was overwhelmed by the speed of her serve. Rybakina further cemented her advantage and used her powerful forehand to stop Ajla who extended the game with long matches, but despite putting it all in, Elena was too much for her.

Elena hit 15 aces at home and did a fantastic job putting a lot of speed into her serve. Rybakina won 75% on the first serve and had a 53-43 service point advantage while she also had a 37-26 receiving point advantage. Elena has done a great job winning seven in a row, also winning 11 points in a row at one point. Overall, Elena solidified her advantage with her incredible speed of serve.

Can Rybakina go all the way?

No disrespect to her game, but Elena has had a relatively easier draw so far, no doubt she unleashed a strong game and overwhelmed her opponents with her speed of serve, but she received a relatively easier than the rest of the Semi-Finalists. But that will end when she faces a heavily charged Simona Halep, who can counter her serve speed well, better than Ajla perhaps. However, Rybakina is a very confident player who has earned her chops.

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