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MADISON (WKOW) – Madison’s retired doctor, Dr. Patrick McBride, considers himself “the luckiest boy in the world.” McBride worked for his three favorite Wisconsin sports teams as a teenager.

Dr Pat McBride holding John McGlockin’s 1971 Championship shoes.

He’s retained all of his memories, including the 1971 Bucks playoff passes, John McGlocklin’s shoes from the 1971 championship game, a sign above the Brewers locker with his name on them, and much more. Moreover.

“I worked for the Milwaukee Brewers as the first Bat Boy,” McBride said. “I worked for the Green Bay Packers on the sidelines of Milwaukee games. I worked for the Milwaukee Bucks during their league and final years.”

McBride was a ball collector in 1971 when the Bucks won the NBA Championship. Now, 50 years later, he’s cheering on this year’s team as they look to win their second NBA title.


The original newspaper after the Bucks won their first title.

“It was just exciting to be on the bench and to be in every group, to hear every game and to be part of a team that won an NBA championship,” said McBride.

“The best thing I remember from this championship year is that they didn’t take a minute off,” McBride continued. “They wanted this championship so much. Oscar hadn’t won an NBA championship and Kareem was obviously the ticket to win that championship. They were so hungry to win. It was so nice to work with them. It was an exciting atmosphere. . “

The fall after the Bucks won the championship, McBride got a promotion.

“While in my final year in high school our equipment manager Ed Goodwin died of a heart attack and I called the Bucks office and found out they had appointed me new equipment manager at age 18, ”said McBride. “I became the youngest equipment manager in the history of professional sport.

With countless stories to share, McBride set out to publish a book, not only to relive his glory days, but also to hopefully serve as inspiration.

“My parents were great people, reporters for the Milwaukee Journal and Sentinel,” McBride said. “But, they were also both alcoholics. My way out of dysfunction was to get these amazing jobs with the Brewers, Bucks, and Packers. I thought I was going to be a sports coach, but I became a doctor and I can consider myself the luckiest man in the world. “

McBride continues to keep in touch with players on the 1971 Championship squad, including Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

McBride’s book is called “The Luckiest Boy In The World”. It will be released next month.

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