“It’s true that this tournament was not…”


Rafael Nadal kept an eye on one of Carlos Alcaraz’s training sessions in Cincinnati, as he took a chair out onto the field out of the sun. The moment was recorded by a fan and posted on Twitter. “Rafa watches over Alcaraz”, said the caption.

Carlos Alcaraz should play the first round against the American McDonald. World No. 4 Carlos Alcaraz thinks a good performance is expected of him at the Cincinnati Masters, but he’s prepared for it. Alcaraz is currently a top five player and the big favorite to win the tournament wherever he goes.

Alcaraz, who won four titles in the first five months of the season, have not won since Madrid, although they have appeared in two finals since. After winning his second Masters title in Madrid, the pressure increased and it affected Alcaraz.

“Right now I’m taking every game as a challenge to stay the same as always. I’m world number 4, one of the favorites to win this tournament, so it’s a bit difficult to handle the pressure. But I train me to the max.

I train with the goal of improving myself and trying to produce the game that I produced during the season on clay and in Miami. It’s a challenge for me to be the same,” Alcaraz said ahead of his campaign in Cincinnati, according to the ATP website.

Rafael Nadal lost to Borna Coric in his opening match at the 2022 Cincinnati Open on Wednesday.

Rafael Nadal lost to Borna Coric

“It’s true that this tournament was not the easiest for me in my entire tennis career, even if I was able to win a year.

But that was the year I accomplished almost everything. I still do a few semi-finals, I think, or just one. It’s true, I don’t know, for some strange reason this tournament I never had the best feelings, but on the other hand, I felt very welcome here the whole time,” said Rafael Nadal.

However, the 36-year-old fared much better when competing across the country at the US Open. “As for New York, I don’t know. It’s a Grand Slam. It’s a different type of tournament. But at the same time it’s tennis, isn’t it? If I don’t play well, I will probably follow the same course as here,” he said. With this defeat, Nadal’s attempt to find the world No. 1 was postponed for a few weeks.

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