It’s not a game: NYPD tightens US Open security around Queens and public transport


Senior NYPD brass marked the first day of the US Open on Monday by saying they were working overtime to ensure spectators could enjoy the two-week tennis tournament safely.

For the first time since 2019, the US Open is back in Queens at full capacity and according to United States Tennis Association Director of Operations Billie Jean King National Center Daniel Zausner, the event is set to break records this year. -the. However, with such a volume of crowds invading Arthur Ashe Stadium, the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center and Louis Armstrong Stadium, the police department is stepping up security.

“Planning for this event began the first day after last year’s US Open and this type of large-scale security preparation is not new to the women and men of the NYPD. New York City is the nation’s premier sports and entertainment venue and the New York Police Department is there every step of the way,” Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell said Monday after touring Arthur Ashe Stadium. “The NYPD is very proud to ensure the safety of thousands of athletes, event staff and spectators during this historic tournament.”

Commissioner Sewell meets with officers. Photo of Dean Moses

Sewell promised to spare no expense, employing armed NYPD officers and even undercover detectives to observe the crowd. Canine and aviation units have also pledged to be on duty throughout the sport’s mecca, with the combined forces described as large and comprehensive.

Some 750,000 tennis fans are expected to attend games over the next two weeks, and police officials will not only provide security around the huge stadiums themselves, but the NYPD will also closely monitor public transportation such as the line 7 nearby and LIRR, defend means of transport.

“The US Open is one of the busiest sporting events in the world and we will have 24-hour security to keep our players, all attendees and our venue safe as well,” the chief executive said. the Jeffrey Maddrey Patrol. “More than half of our ticket holders use public transport. And as the commissioner said earlier, we encourage everyone to use public transport. We’re going to have extra officers here to make sure everything is safe as well. Like traffic management. Very good, this will ensure the smooth flow of traffic and the safety of people. »

Commissioner Sewell. Photo of Dean Moses

The NYPD said it will also be paying close attention to certain dates over the next few weeks as some Mets and NYCFC games will overlap, resulting in particularly heavy crowds in Queens.

Still, despite the deluge of humanity and the presence of notable figures, the NYPD said intelligence suggests there is currently no credible threat to the US Open. However, they will remain vigilant until the end of 9/11.

“We continuously monitor and assess the threat stream 24/7 and have the flexibility to adapt to any situation in response,” Sewell said. “We look forward to a safe and enjoyable event.”

Patrol Leader Jeffrey Maddrey. Photo by Dean Moses

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