“It deserves to be in the Olympics” Billie Jean King is not satisfied with the Olympics without counting this sport



Billie Jean King has played a leading role in the fight for women’s rights and social change. King is more than a sports legend. Off the court, she was a vanguard for women’s equality.

Billie Jean King’s contribution to bringing women’s tennis to the same level as men’s tennis is immeasurable. She was recently seen at the Windy City Open 2022 in Chicago. During the interview, he was asked to count squash at the Olympics, Billie Jean King said. ‘He deserves to be in the Olympics.’


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Billie Jean King on the inclusion of squash in the Olympics

In the interviewwhile talking about the sport of squash, King said: “I would like to see Squash at the Olympics. It deserves to be in the Olympics, it is played in many countries. There are men, there are women, it should be at the Olympics.


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The sport has grown over the years and has defined gender equality on the squash court, with women being equally amazing in the sport. For a sport like squash, which is played by almost 20 million people in more than 185 countries, aiming to qualify for the Olympics has so far been a strenuous experience.

King talks about gender equality in squash

Asked about equality, she replied: “I think having equal prize money is just a step forward for the sport. I’m fascinated by that…I like the fact that women and men have the same association and work together, which goes help develop the sport.

King spoke about the social change that is happening in sports. During the interview, she also praised the level of the women’s squash game and how the women’s game has strengthened in the game.

The American icon has not only been instrumental in reforming the sport of tennis in her tireless fight for gender equality. On the other hand, she has also paved the way through her work for the growth of women in sport. King graced the sport in the 70s and 80s with success in all its forms.


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During her career, King won 12 singles titles, 16 women’s doubles titles and 11 major mixed doubles titles for a total of 39 Margaret titles. Right behind his coat and Martina Navratilova. In her opening years, the Queen won eight titles (7th all-time) and 129 individual titles (62 as an amateur and 67 on the WTA Tour).

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