Incredible topic of conversation between Gallardo and Balbo after the match


Marcelo Gallardo and his work in the river for over eight years have been admired around the world. In the weeks leading up to the match between El Mas Grande and Central Cordoba, Abel Balbo-DT of the cast of Santiago del Estero showered Muneco with praise and In fact, a very warm welcome can be seen ahead of last Sunday’s game for the Professional League.

Abel Balboa only played one season in the River, it was in 88/89 when César Luis Menotti was the manager of the millionaires, so he did not play in the First Division with Muneco, who made his debut in the First Division a few years later. But Balbo and Gallardo shared a team in the Argentina national team and were actually part of the squad that played the 98 World Cup in France.

This is where good relations are built, so the two continued to talk after River’s 3-0 loss to Ferroviario. Balbo spoke to Footsteps and described it as an amazing conversation starter: “Finally with Marcelo we talked about paddle tennis. We agreed to play paddle tennis in Iziza when I arrived”. He also added amid laughs: “First he asked me if I was good, he was scared.”

Balbo was cautious about which pair each would play:I have a pair, but I’ve got it covered, can’t tell you. Because if you don’t choose better. But let’s talk about the pedals. Incredible but we are talking about pedals”. It should not be forgotten that Gallardo is particularly fond of sports and paddle tennis, having been seen playing more than once and in fact in that time he played with Brito, Patanion and Francescoli.

an exciting duel awaits you

“Marcelo will always want to win. He has a winning mentality. But me too, so it will be difficult.Abel Balbo concluded what, like Doll, had an outstanding career as a footballer, in addition to the Argentina national team, his time at Newells, Rivera, Roma and Fiorentina varied.

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