How do Olympic Winter Games athletes train without snow?



As 2022 dawns, the sporting season is ready to begin. Top level sporting events are all set to begin with the Australian Open tennis tournament in just a week now. Likewise, the 2022 Winter Olympics are just a month away, with top athletes from around the world preparing to show off their skills in Beijing. As the event draws closer to the Opening Ceremony, athletes are finding different ways to be at their best.


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Snowboarders like Chloe Kim, Mikaela Shiffrin and Shaun White are some of the world-class talents to watch out for. Plus, unique training methods allow athletes to be at their best even without snow. Russian snowboarder Evgeniya Shmidt tells us more about it.


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A unique simulator for Olympic Winter Games athletes

Since snow is hard to come by in the summers, a company named SkyTech Sport provided large pieces of equipment for athletes to train on. Russian snowboarder Shmidt trains with this equipment as it is similar to Formula 1 driving simulators. The athlete stands on a snowboard connected to two railings on each side.

With a projector above their head, the athlete moves around the grids, according to the simulation track displayed on the screen. Therefore, it helps him coordinate his body movements perfectly with the track displayed on the projector.

Shmidt posts numerous videos about her training technique on Instagram, showing how she can fight her way through different obstacles on the video screen. Therefore, this approach helps athletes maintain their training level during the summer.


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SkyTech Sport simulators

They focused on providing the absolute perfect equipment for athletes to train. With their motion platform technology, they give athletes the G-force they experience on a winter track. The machine knows every move an athlete makes because its sensors are working perfectly.


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In addition, there are realistic tracks like Sochi Russia Olympic Complex Track, Pyeongchang South Korea 2018 Olympic Winter Games Track, and famous Beaver Creek Colorado Track which are available in the simulator. Prices interval from $ 30,100 to the famous Olymp which costs $ 79,800.


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As the technology of the modern age offers athletes different opportunities, times are changing. The Winter Olympics are set to get off to a flying start as athletes prepare for the challenges presented in Beijing. Who do you think will come home with gold in February?

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