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GILFORD — The Gilford Hills Tennis and Fitness Club is planning major renovations. As well as a future backyard, the gym recently resurfaced its outdoor tennis courts and is in the process of purchasing a slew of new equipment for its facilities, with future interior renovation plans, according to the owners. Marc and Heidi Bourgeois.

“Marc was a co-owner for six years,” said fitness director Missi Perkins. “On January 1 he bought out the previous owner, so now he really wants to create this space to provide top level training academies for the sport and we have always been the premier fitness center in the Lake District. “

Perkins took The Daily Sun on a whirlwind tour of the facility, highlighting the impending changes. Among the many upgrades is a new CrossFit center that will occupy the space of one of the racquetball courts.

“We have $100,000 worth of equipment on the way,” Perkins said. “Should be there end of July.”

Existing Nautilus exercise machines are expected to be replaced with more modern equipment from Impact. Even the iron plates in their weight room will get a more modern hard rubber replacement in a few weeks.

Everything from the cardio equipment to the upstairs bar is being upgraded.

“It is long overdue. The club needed a lot of improvements over the years,” Marc said. “It’s Gilford, we have a good market here and there’s really no reason for anyone at Gilford to go anywhere else if we can provide what he needs.”

In addition to equipment upgrades, Marc pointed to recently cleared land behind the facility.

“We level it, we’ll dig it up, sow it and put it in a field,” he said. “It will allow us to start having outdoor activities there.”

Speaking of activities, the club also plans to expand its sports activities, including adding a summer corn hole league.

“We’re going to do a corn hole league. We’ll try to find any type of community activity that people want to do for fun here,” Marc said. “Give them a place to do something with other people, come hang out for an hour or two and then go home.”

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