Discovery Tennis Club Hosts Junior Tournament


Serena Williams, Anna Kournikova. Rafael Nadal. Andy Murray. These are just a few of the greatest tennis players in the world, with one thing in common; they all had to start their illustrious careers somewhere.

On Saturday, May 14, 14 young players did just that when they gathered at the Discovery Tennis Club for a junior tournament. The goal of the tournament, hosted by Eduvision and club coach Lina Swart, was simple: to encourage young players to play more and love the game.

Michael Bronkhorst receives the serve from his opponent.

Adèle Bronkhorst, Director and Founder of Eduvison, said: “As a qualified children’s counsellor, educational coach and brain profiling practitioner, I have witnessed an increase in the number of children who need counseling in because of their parents’ divorce, school and peer pressure. , as well as anxiety caused by social distancing and keeping track of school work. I believe a healthy balanced lifestyle can help alleviate this.

The tournament has been split into two categories – Hardball for the more serious players and Green Dot for those still finding their feet on the court. The players had a lot of fun during the day, playing against various opponents and making sure that every shot counted. As the final matches approached, the players couldn’t contain their excitement as Lina tallied the scores before announcing the finalists in each category.

William Radford returns the ball.

As their names were called, the weary but determined players headed to their designated pitches where they played their hearts out in a bid to be crowned champions of the day. With the last ball served and every run recorded and counted, Lina gathered the players for the awards ceremony.

Ethan Zeeman returns the ball to his opponent.

She started by congratulating all the players who participated and said, “I’m very proud of each of you and I’ve seen a lot of improvements.”

There were medals for the athlete of the day as well as third place, and trophies for the winner and runner up in each category. The winner and runners-up in the hardball category were Michael Bronkhorst and William Radford. In the green dot category, Jean Smalman left with first place and Christiaan Nolte was second.

The winners of the green dot category with Lina Swart and Adèle Bronkhorst.

Adele concluded: “We had a wonderful event with lots of ups. We salute the players for their stamina and enthusiasm, as well as the love of the game they have shown. We would like to hold a tournament at the end of each term to raise awareness, not only for players who wish to bring their racquets and play, but also the community.

The winners of the Hardball category with Lina Swart and Adèle Bronkhorst.

Excellent tennis player, André Agassi said: “You will hear a lot of applause in your life, but none will mean more to you than the applause of your peers”.

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