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MOULTRIE — Colquitt County players won 12 division titles at the Georgia Recreation and Park Association state tennis tournament that ended Wednesday at Packer Park.

Four other divisions were won by players from Coffee, Ware and Jeff Davis counties.

Players representing Appling and Wayne counties also participated.

The Colquitt County singles division winners were Nora Bacon, Hank Dykes, Jackson Miles, Scarlett Allegood, Wesley Montgomery, Jayley Johnson and Joshua Scroggins.

The doubles championships went to the Colquitt County teams consisting of Bacon and Dykes, Jackson Lasseter and Jackson Miles, Scarlett Allegood and Libba Dykes, Jack Taunton and Parker Anderson and Anderson and Frances Bius.

Singles results:

• Boys 8U: Fletcher Daughtrey (MC) v Cooper Brooks (Ware) 6-3.6-2; Tucker Miles (MC) on Betts (DC)


Semi-finals – Hank Dykes (MC) v Daughtrey (DC) 6-2,6-3; Thigpen( Ware) on Miles (MC) 6-2,7-5.

Final – Dykes (MC) over Thigpen (Ware) 6-2,6-2.

• Girls 8U: Finals – Nora Bacon (MC) vs. Aralin Brulte (DC) 6-2.6-2.

• 10U Boys: Jackson Lasseter (MC) against J.Betts (DC) 6-3,6-3. Wyatt Lasseter (MC) over Patel (DC) 6-1,6-2.

Semifinals – Brock (Appling) over J.Lasseter (MC) 6-4,6-2.

Jackson Miles on W. Lasseter (MC) 6-2,6-1.

Finals: J. Miles(MC) over Brock (Appling) 6-1,6-4.

• Girls 10U: Scarlett Allegood (MC) v Ricketson (DC) 6-0.6-0; Libba Dykes (MC) over Taylor (DC) 6-1,6-1.

Finals – Allegood (MC) over Dykes (MC) 6-0,6-0.

• 12U Boys: Semi-finals Tyler (Ware) against Harrison

Lampman (MC) 6-3,3-6,10-5.

• Girls 12U: Morgan(DC) vs. Allie Cannon(MC) 4-2,ret.;

Catherine Cannon (MC) on Todman (Ware) 6-3,6-4;

Ragle (DC) over Lauren Nelms (MC) 6-2,6-4;

Semi-finals: Long (Wayne) over C. Cannon 6-1,6-2.

• 14U Boys: Long (MC) over Bailee Fountain (MC) 6-2.6-0; Parker Anderson (MC) over Mack Lott (DC) 6-3,6-4; Wesley Montgomery (MC) over Jebb Thomas (Appling) 6-1,6-5;

Semi-finals: Long (Appling) v Anderson (MC) 6-0.6-0;

Montgomery (MC) over Taunton (MC) 6-3.7-5;

Finals – Montgomery (MC) on Long (Apppling)


• Girls 14U: Semi-finals: Mims (JD) against Arlin Smith (MC) 6-0,6-0; Palmer(DC) over Frances Bius(MC) 6-2,6-2.

• Girls 16 and under: semi-finals: Jayley Johnson (MC)

on Patel (CD) 6-0,6-0;

Final – Johnson (MC) over Emily Lampman (MC) 6-3,4-6,10-6.

• 16U Boys: Finals – Joshua Scroggins (MC) v Bennett Lairsey (MC) 6-0.6-0.

Duplicate results:

• 8U Boys: Finals -Thigpen/Brooks (Ware) over T.Miles/Dykes 6-4,6-3.

• 10U Boys: Finals – J.Miles/J.Lasseter (MC)

on Patel/J.Betts (DC) 6-0,6-0.

• Girls 10U: Finals – Allegood/L.Dykes (MC) finished

Ricketson/Taylor (DC) 6-0,6-0.

• Girls 12U: Finals – Brulte/Morgan (DC) against Nelms/C.Cannon (MC) 6-7(7/5),6-1,10-7.

• 14U Boys: Finals – Taunton/Anderson (MC) v Fountain/Montgomery (MC)7-3.6-1.

• Mixed doubles 14U: Anderson/Bius (MC) against Lott/ Palmer (DC) 6-3,7-6(7-4).

• Mixed doubles 8U: Bacon/H.Dykes (MC) against Brulte/K.Betts (DC) 6-2,6-2.

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