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Trinity junior Jackson Champion capped a stellar junior season with 47 goals as he led his team to the semifinals of the 1A-3A state tournament, but that didn’t seem to impress his coaches when he arrived for s practice in preparation for the Alabama All-Star Sports Week Boys Football Game Wednesday at the Emory Folmar Football Complex.

They needed a central defender to help in defense and Champion, they felt, filled the need.

“It was my first time playing as a centre-back, anything there, but the team needed it today,” he said. “I guess I had the speed, whatever, to go back and play today. I started as a winger, which I normally play on the wing, but I guess as the game progressed they saw they needed me there and moved me the low.

Whether his move took the South’s offense away is a question that will never be answered, but the North got three goals from MVP Josh Owens of Thompson and two more from Yamilson Velasquez of Russellville in a 6-3 win that gave at the All-North features their 14th win in the series’ 19-game history.

“You always come hoping to win,” Champion said. “We went in, fought hard, had a little lapse in judgment and let them score a few points, but we made the effort.”

The game was scoreless until Velasquez scored with 18 minutes left in the first half on a pass from Owen Bothwell of Huntsville High and it was 1-1 at halftime, but Owens opened the scoring in the second half, Gus Colvin of Indian Springs blocked a South goal with one of his own 40 seconds later to put the North firmly ahead and Owens scored back-to-back goals in 20 seconds late in the game. match to open it.

“The speed of play is completely different here,” Champion said. “It’s stepping up, stepping up, two touch passes, gotta get rid of it fast.”

Despite the loss, Champion enjoyed his star experience.

“It’s truly an honor to be chosen over everyone in the South to come and play here,” he said. “It’s a great experience. We were treated very well. »



Boys’ golf — North 62.5, South 27.5 (North leads the series 3-0)

Women’s Golf — North 47, South 25 (North leads the series 2-1)

Baseball – South 5-2, North 0-2 (North leads the series 23-16-3)


Girls’ Cross Country – North 19, South 38 (North leads the series 3-2)

Boys Cross Country – South 22, North 33 (North leads series 3-2)

Women’s tennis – North 6, South 3 (North leads the series 3-0)

Boys tennis – South 6, North 3 (North leads the series 2-1)

Women’s Basketball – North 75, South 52 (North leads the series 22-3)

Men’s Basketball – North 101, South 91 (North leads the series 50-29)


Softball – North 6-10, South 3-5 (North leads the series 29-23-3)

Women’s soccer – North 5, South 0 (North leads the series 17-3-1)

Men’s soccer – North 6, South 3 (North leads the series 14-4-1)


Volleyball, Multiplex, 4 p.m.

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