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ADELLA HARDING Elko Daily Correspondent

ELKO – Need to exercise but no time or maybe no extra money for workouts in a gym? The town of Elko is looking for a solution – to place fitness and exercise equipment in Angel Park so that everyone can use it for free.

Elko City Council has agreed to staff provide more details on installing exercise equipment in the West Sage Street Park, where a tennis court is located.

“Staff are already working on the dirt scar” left by the Angel Park tennis court, so staff decided the park was the best place to put exercise equipment, James said. Wiley, Director of Parks and Recreation.

He said it was a “concept idea” at this point, and that there should be enough money in the budget.

Medical professional Courtney Nalivka, who came up with the idea for the equipment at a city park, said she had a rough estimate of $ 23,000 to $ 25,000. This could include monkey bars for any age, parallel bars, steps, and balancing gear.

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“We all know that exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle” and helps fight chronic disease, she told the council.

“It sounds like a great idea to me, and it would be used a lot,” said Mayor Reece Keener.

City Councilor Clair Morris said the exercise equipment would be “a great addition for Angel Park and bring different people into the park.”

The plan was just one of Elko’s improvement projects approved at the June 8 board meeting.

Keener said the city wouldn’t normally have the funds for all projects, but US federal bailout funds will help. Public Works Director Dennis Strickland said the city would sell land for the new veterans cemetery, which would also bring in more money.

“So we could have some really good projects going forward,” Strickland said.

Council has agreed to solicit bids for the installation of a curb, gutter and sidewalk on the west side of Jennings Way due to increased foot traffic from Adobe Middle School and for the draining. The estimated cost is $ 200,000.

In addition, council voted to solicit bids for the construction of VFW Drive from Idaho Street to Silver Street to provide better access to the Elko Police Department. The estimated cost is $ 500,000.

“The police department didn’t really have good access to the facility,” said Strickland, who added that the street project will also provide pedestrian access to the police station.

He said when the new police department was built, the city repaved VFW Drive to accommodate an existing easement, but the city has since acquired additional right-of-way from the Union Pacific Railroad to allow for the new project which includes a curb, gutter and sidewalk. Police moved into the new building in 2016.

The council also accepted an offer from Sierra Nevada Construction for $ 560,782 for the micro-mud sealing of city streets this season.

Strickland also presented a public works report for 2020 at the council meeting, with statistics such as the city recycled 229.45 tons of metals, 10,145 gallons of oil, 40 gallons of antifreeze, 946 batteries and 129.22 tons of tires last year, and listing other work accomplishments including street projects, new ladder to landfill and more.

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