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TOWANDA — Coaches at Andover Central had to get a little creative with the scheduling of Thursday’s College Invitational Tennis Tournament at Circle, making changes the day before the tournament.

“We just decided to change things up a bit,” said Jaguars assistant coach Jaren Glaser, replacing his mother, head coach Janet Glaser.

Andover Central paired Grace, a senior, with her sister Ellen, a sophomore who played singles for the Jaguars.

It turned out to be a winning combination, as the second-seeded sisters earned an 8-6 victory in the Doubles Championship Game #1 over top seeds Kayla Babcock and Buhler’s Taegen Nickel.

The team was quite powerful, as the Schaefers cruised to the final, picking up 8-0 victories over seventh seeds Izzy Smith and Maya Wade of El Dorado and third seeds Jensen Lynnes and Lyric Cornejo of wellingtons. Lynnes and Cornejo’s shutout was even more notable as the duo finished fourth in last year’s Class 4A State Tournament.

Nickel and Babcock also struggled to reach the final, but could not match the Schaefers’ feat, losing at least one game in their first round and semi-final.

For something so quickly launched, the sisters performed remarkably well. They said they only heard about their team right after practice on Wednesday.

But the two said they had to fight their nerves as well as Buhler’s doubles team.

“We were really nervous, because I’m a singles player, so I’m used to slamming it all together,” Ellen said. “The double is very strategic and you have to place it. Singles are very placed, but you need to add more power to it.

Grace said, “We just went out with a little nerves, but decided we’d rather just have fun, because what’s the point?”

The Schaefers say they have found a new way to deal with any potential nervousness, especially in the hotly contested league game.

“We had to come together, and between points, we would come up and sing ‘Jingle Bells’ to each other, because we were trying to calm down,” Grace said. “We just talked about our dogs and sang ‘Jingle Bells’ because we were trying to de-stress.”

Would a repeat pairing be in the cards?

“She’s our best singles player on our team,” Grace said of Ellen.

“It’s a tough choice,” Ellen said with a laugh. “Plus (Grace) and her partner (Mac Evans) finished seventh in state last year, so they did very well in state as well.”

Even if it doesn’t continue, Grace and Ellen said it was fun for a day.

“As it turns out, a family connection worked well for us,” Jaren Glaser said. “They were really in sync all day.”

The finale was thrilling, she said.

“That last game was really amazing to watch,” Glaser said. “Buhler is very well known in the tennis community; they played an exceptional game. We were also very happy with the way we played.

Half of the eight teams in the tournament were from Butler County. In addition to Andover Central, Augusta and El Dorado have joined host Circle. The Schaefers’ victory prevented Buhler from claiming the tag team title, tied with Wellington on 59 points.

Andover Central finished third (43), followed by El Dorado (33), with 18 of their No. 2 singles and doubles points overall. Augusta finished fifth (30), buoyed by Elise’s 15 points Richardson for a third-place finish in singles No. 1. Wichita Classical finished sixth (24), followed by Circle and Wichita Collegiate tied for seventh (16).

The Thunderbirds had 12 points for a fourth-place No. 1 doubles with senior Kristen Thomas and second Londyn Soto. Aspen Peterson and Kinleigh Haskell provided 12 points from a second-place No. 2 doubles finish. Andover Central’s No. 2 doubles team of Elia Ulmann and Victoria Litavniks finished third with 10 points. El Dorado’s Rylie Marnell-Ball had nine points for fifth in singles No. 1, Raegan Barkus had 10 points with a third in singles No. 2, and Quinn Houseman and Baleigh Bright had eight points for fourth. in doubles No. 2. .

University circle by invitation

Team scores: 1. (tie) Buhler and Wellington, 59; 3. Andover Central, 43; 4. El Dorado, 33; 5. Augustus, 30 years old; 6. Wichita Classic, 24; 7. (tie) Circle and Wichita Collegiate, 16.

Singles No. 1: 1. Frederick, Buh, def. Richenberger, Well, 8-0; 3. Elise Richardson, Aug., def. Blackman, Coll., 8-6; 5. Marnell-Ball, ElD, def. Harris, ACent, 8-6; 7. Branam, WClass, def. Harrison, Cir, 8-0.

No. 1 double: 1. G. Schaefer-E. Schaefer, ACent, def. Babcock-Nickel, Buh, 8-6; 3. Lynnes-Cornejo, Well, definitely. Thomas-Soto, Cir, 8-5; 5. Kice-Jargo, WClass, def. Smith-Wade, ElD, 8-2; 7. Childers-Emma Richardson, Aug., def. Nabbout-Maksoud, WColl, 8-2.

No. 2 singles: 1. Hamby, Buh, def. Robinson, Well, 8-6; 3. Barkus, ElD, def. Neumann, Class W, 8-3; 5. Gooden, ACent, def. Flores, Cir, 8-1; 7. Zakharia, WColl, def. Open.

No. 2 doubles: 1. Aufdengarten-Gerten, Well, def. Peterson-Haskell, August 8-2; 3. Ulmann-Litavniks, ACent, def. Houseman-Bright, ElD, 8-1; 5. Gillette-Coker, Buh, def. Neill-Bird, Class W, 8-4; 7. Lampton-Richardson, WColl, def. Leis-Sigler, Cir, 8-1.

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