30 lakh people register for rural olympics in Rajasthan



About 30 lakh people and more than two lakh teams have registered for the Rajiv Gandhi Rural Olympics to be held in Rajasthan from August 29 to October 5, the state government announced on Monday.

Addressing the media at the launch of the event’s logo and anthem, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said, “For the first time, up to 30 lakh people from across the state will participate in different sporting events, regardless of age.”

According to Gehlot, the Rural Olympics will prove to be the largest such sporting event hosted by a state.

The Games will feature six different sporting disciplines – kabaddi, tennis ball cricket, volleyball, hockey, shooting volleyball and kho-kho – which will be played at the gram panchayat level.

The event aims to attract talented sportsmen from the villages and inspire them to make their mark on the world map, he added.

Sports Minister Ashok Chandna called the event the biggest gathering in the world.

“About 30 lakh people have registered for this event. During the Covid pandemic, children have become addicted to online games, but with this event, we will ensure that they come to the playgrounds with their parents” , Chandra said, adding that the slogan “Hit and Fit Rajasthan” coined by Gehlot will be realized with the Rural Olympiads.

State Sports Council Chief and Congressman Krishna Poonia said: “When children see their parents playing games in the field, they will also follow them and become interested in sports.”


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