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Americans are drowning in pandemic-related purchases, and it’s time to take control of our organization. But figuring out where to start and finding affordable ways to do it is a struggle for many people. This is especially true of finding storage and organization solutions for sports equipment, which can be a challenge as much of it is bulky, irregularly shaped, or easily damaged if stored improperly.

With the help of Jodi Heyman, Home Organization Expert, Product Design Manager at Interior decoration mDesign, and Nonnahs Driskill, founding organizer of Get organized already!, we’ve rounded up some of the best options for storing sporting goods of all kinds, along with tips to get you started a little less intimidating.

For homes overwhelmed by sports equipment of all kinds, Heyman suggests some sort of assessment. “First of all, gather all your sports equipment in one place and figure out what you want to keep, give or give,” she says. Once you know what needs to be stored, you can better choose an organization solution, like this versatile sports equipment rack.

Once you’ve sorted out what you have, Heyman says to group similar items together: “That way you can easily locate the equipment and don’t have to search. If you need a more articulated storage solution to keep items like baseball bats and lacrosse sticks separate from balls, this rolling cart has two sections and a front storage pocket.

Champion Mesh Gym Bag

A very simple and inexpensive way to organize a collection of medium or large sized sports balls like basketballs, soccer balls, playing field balls and soccer balls is to take a page from your grade school gym teacher’s book and get a large bag of mesh gym equipment to keep them. an easy place to find.

Kesito wall mount for basketball / volleyball / football

Leaving a basketball, volleyball, or soccer ball on the garage floor is not an ideal way to store them as they can roll underfoot and become a tripping hazard. They can also roll under things and get lost, and then there’s that pickup game you had planned for the afternoon. A wall mounted ball rack solves this problem.

MDesign 3 Tier Tapered Wire Rolling Household Storage Cart

For storing smaller items like fitness and yoga equipment, golf or tennis balls, or ping-pong or Kadima rackets, Heyman thinks a versatile rolling cart is a great choice. “I keep my yoga blankets and accessories organized in our rolling carts,” she says.

MDesign Metal 3 Tier Rolling Household Storage Cart

Rolling carts, which are preferred by professional organizers for their versatility and small footprint, come in a plethora of sizes and styles. Heyman points out a particularly useful feature of rolling carts: “The wheels make it easy to unroll them when needed and store them in a corner or cupboard when not in use. ”

Large AdirOffice school locker

We don’t often think of it for use outside of schools and gyms, but lockers are another way to store sporting goods. “Lockers are a great storage option for exercise equipment,” says Driskill. If the cost of buying a new locker is prohibitive, she suggests looking for a used one on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist.

MDesign Large 3 Tier Soft Storage Organizer with Bins

An important part of selecting the right storage solution is figuring out where it will go. After evaluating what you have, the next step, according to Heyman, is to “figure out where you are going to store your items.” The storage needs of the garage, basement and attic are different from those of the main part of the house; this soft storage bin would be better for a playroom or front hallway than a garage.

MDesign Wire Wall Storage Organizer

On the flip side, Heyman advises that items that are used less frequently can be stored in the basement or attic to avoid clutter. Wall-mounted organization systems are a great way to utilize vertical wall space for storage, keeping floor space uncluttered.

Ombre Seagrass Amelia Tote Basket with Lid

When choosing storage solutions for rooms where you spend a lot of time, keep design in mind, Driskill says. “If you store exercise equipment indoors – in the living room or your bedroom – and need it to look pretty, this giant basket is a great choice,” she says.

Coolbebe extra-large sports bag

Extra-large sports gear duffel bags are typically designed for travel, but they also double as storage units, especially for basement or attic storage, as long as you choose a waterproof style with plenty of features. ‘a sturdy zipper to prevent critters from getting inside. This water resistant duffel bag can be used to store everything from camping gear to hockey gear.

Aoben garage hooks

If the garage is a great storage space for sports equipment of all types, garage hooks are an incredible investment. They can be used for so many things – this set of a dozen versatile storage hooks can be used to hold everything from bikes to canoes.

MDesign Metal and Fabric 2 Tier Rack Organizer Storage Hammock

Fabric organizers are not ideal for outdoor or garage use as they are not weatherproof, but are an attractive and easy solution for indoor use. “Keep the items you use most often organized and easy to access in the garage, locker room, closet, or on a covered porch or patio,” Heyman says.

mDesign Freestanding Metal Bike Rack with Storage Shelf

Heyman is an avid cyclist, who uses this metal bike rack to keep all of her cycling gear in one place. “The hooks on the side are especially useful for hanging extra items you just don’t have room for, like water bottles, hats and other accessories to keep them off the ground,” says she.

Bike path products Bike hoist

Equipment specific organizers come in different styles, so there are plenty of options when it comes to bike storage. This ceiling mounted bicycle hoist can support up to 100 pounds and has a safety locking mechanism to ensure the bike does not accidentally come loose. Two sets of rubber-covered hooks lock under the bike saddle and handlebars, and the pulley system lifts the bike and locks it in place.

Blue Hawk horizontal bicycle hook

“Fancy bicycle wall racks are perfect,” says Driskill. “I also use the $ 4 hooks a lot to hang bikes in garages. »This heavy-duty storage hook can hold up to 75 pounds and can be used to store bikes as well as hold other garage storage staples like electrical equipment, furniture, pipes, and more.

Driven Solutions Home training storage organization

Driskill advises people to consider removing their equipment from the ground using wall-mounted storage solutions. “Use your wall space to hang up your exercise equipment,” she says. This organizer has hooks for storing rolled up exercise mats, towels or foam rollers, and hooks for resistance bands and other small items.

Home-It Golf Bag Organizer Holder

Golf bags are storage units in and of themselves, but they are also bulky and can get in the way, especially if there are several. This golf bag storage rack features compartments for storing two golf bags, as well as four open shelves for storing golf shoes, towels or a bucket of balls.

Danton Baseball Bats and Balls Wall Rack, Set of 2

If sports equipment exists, chances are a storage solution designed specifically for it exists as well. If after following Heyman’s advice and sorting through your sports gear before deciding on an organizing solution, you end up with a lot of one type of thing, like baseball bats, it’s worth it. worth looking for organizers specially designed for them.

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