10 Most Iconic Video Game Villains Of All Time, Ranked


What makes a villain memorable? Is it their looks? Their care writing? Is it their threatening attitude, their evil laugh, or maybe their dastardly mustache? The truth is that it is really hard to describe what makes a villain great.

Some villains are deeply believable (like The master from Fallout) and others are one-dimensional (like Bowser). Is one worse than the other? Absolutely not. They are just different. Bowser doesn’t need deep writing because he is mainly there to be trampled. And even though he may not have Shakespearean Character Bow, he is still one of the game’s most iconic villains. This is why these antagonists workwhy they are memorableand why we love them.


There are some very minor spoilers ahead!

10/10 SHODAN (system damper)

SHODAN is the evil intelligence of the System Shock series, and she is absolutely terrifying, mainly because of her carefully crafted voice. To create SHODAN’s signature voice, mirror studios patched several different voice actors. Additional sounds, such as pitch change and stutter, were later added.

The result is surprising. SHODAN sounds like a impious amalgamation of failed hatred. The best part is that she just keep talking. It’s like she’s so caught up in her own ego that she doesn’t even realize how broken she looks. Some of SHODAN’s lines will send shivers in the back. “How does it feel to be afraid?” Why are you clinging to such a pathetic existence?

There’s something so hilarious about this behemoth of a man sharing his vision of America as he gives Raiden a jumping double-stomp to the chest. For those who don’t know, Senator Armstrong is the villain of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. He is a senator from Colorado who dreams of becoming president. He is also 7 feet tall former college football player who has nanomachines because of course he does. “Nanomachines, sons! »

There is no doubt that Senator Armstrong is iconic. Ocelot Revolver Where Major Zero may come to mind first at the term “Wicked Metal Gear“, but Armstrong often appears in memes. His boss fight is ridiculously funquoteable, and probably one of the best boss fights of all time.

Dagoth Ur is the main antagonist of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, and an extremely iconic villain. Its history is deep and complicated, but fundamentally it is immortalhe wants restore his old noble houseand he takes himself for a god.

One of the best things about Dagoth Ur is her beautiful voice. It does not sound at all as one would expect. voice actor Jeff Boulanger plays Dagoth Ur as great speaker with a booming and noble voice, shout things like “I am a God! How can you kill a god? Also goes against the type of villain, Dagoth Ur is surprisingly polite. He has even let the Nerevarine get the first hit on him when they fight.

7/10 Dutch (Red Dead Redemption)

Dutch Van Der Linde is a mysterious character in Red Dead Redemption 1. Although he is often talked about, he does not appear until the end of the game. He fleshed out more in Red Dead 2 as a charming and idealistic gang leader.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a very long game. Some players don’t like it, but it did allow Rockstar to do something pretty cool with Dutch’s character. He has a bow. At first, he is a kind, almost fatherly figure. Then there are small cracks. He is oddly elitist. He does occasionally rude comments. He always tells you to get to work, but never really do anything himself. Player may end up hating Dutch’s narcissism through play, the same way Arthur could.

6/10 Miles Edgeworth (Ace Lawyer)

Miles Edgeworth is a prosecutor in the Ace Attorney series, the first major threat Phoenix Wright faces in court. His charming persona is disarming, but he’s a serious antagonist. Surrounded by rumors of tampering with evidence, Edgeworth first has the reputation of being a man who do anything to win a case.

Without spoiling too much, Edgeworth’s character is actually much deeper than that, which is why fans remember him fondly. Edgeworth’s charming personalityhis touching character arcand his complicated relationship with Phoenix all of which make him one of the most iconic video game villains of all time. He even had his derivative game at one point.

5/10 Ganon (The Legend of Zelda)

Ganon is the legendary villain of The Legend of Zelda. Having existed for many years and gone through multiple incarnations, it seems always comes back to haunt Link. He even fights in Super Smash Bros. in his humanoid form, Ganondorf.

One interesting thing about Ganon is his consistency (or lack thereof) between games. At some point, it’s a giant boar. In Breath of the Wild, it’s a vicious cloud-like beast. As mentioned in the Hyrule History, although Ganon may die, he will die never really leave Hyrule. His energy will reincarnate again and again, always bent on world domination. He will probably always be there even though the Legend of Zelda games are separated by hundreds of years.

4/10 Dr. Robotnik (Sonic the Hedgehog)

Also known as Eggman, Dr. Ivo Robotnik is the dastardly villain of the Sonic series. He has an iconic appearance with his ovular body, cool sunglasses, and wild mustache. His crazy inventions, which often seem unrealizable, make great boss fights. He’s having fun voice — his voice actor, Mike Pollock, is a legend. Eggman was even performed by Jim Carey!

In the early days of Sega, its designers held a contest to create a new mascot for the company. Sonic the Hedgehog won the contest, of course, but Robotnik was also in it. He was originally drawn as a cute mustachioed guy in pajamas. His design was reworked when he was introduced as Sonic’s nemesis in the first game, and the rest is history.

3/10 Pyramid Head (Silent Hill)

Pyramid Head is by far the most iconic villain in all horror games. He first appears in Silent Hill 2, with most fans regarding his appearances in later games as inappropriate, same not canon.

Pyramid Head, like the other monsters in Silent Hill 2, is a depiction of the protagonist’s thoughts. It looks like a demonic executioner. The pyramid itself conjures up images of torture devices as the Iron Maiden. It is specifically mentioned in The Book of Lost Memories that he [Pyramid Head] is a manifestation of James Sunderland’s guilt and desire for punishment”. It is also completely silent. Pyramid Head earned its reputation without saying a word, just based on her looks.

2/10 GLaDOS (portal)

GLaDOS is the popular and iconic villain of Valve’s Portal. Not only is she a great villain, but she’s also a great character. She makes Portal what it is. Without her, it’s just another puzzle game. The best thing about GLaDOS is her sardonic wit.

She could be the the funniest video game villain of all time, mocking lines like “Here are the test results: ‘You are a horrible person.’ That’s what it says… We weren’t even testing that.” The humor of GLaDOS sets her apart from other killer AIs As SHODAN, A Mand HAL 9000. This reminds us that GLaDOS is fundamentally humanwhich arguably makes it even scarier.

1/10 Bowser (Super Mario)

Bowser at the top of the list because he’s the one most people think of first when they hear “video game villain”. He has a straightforward personality, little to no dialogue, and he’s extremely predictable. He kidnaps Peach. That’s what he does, and that’s about everything he does. Yet Bowser is unquestionably the best dog.

Part of Bowser’s success is likely due to all the spin-off games he’s been involved in. He’ll put aside his differences with Peach and Mario so that all three of them can drive go-karts Where play tennis. On the rare occasion that he gets dialogue, Bowser is actually endearing kind. He presents himself as a jester who really like peachkidnapping her because he doesn’t know how else to show it. Bowser’s menacing appearance and his long and storied history with Mario make him the most iconic video game villain of all time.

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